IGNITE!’s Brand Galaxy

IGNITE! BRAND Investment Strategy & Opportunity

Our objective:

Build, leverage, and acquire consumer brands known for exceptional quality, exquisite designs, and outstanding value delivered by unmatched customer service. Each IGNITE! Brand has the growth potential to dominate its category.

Horizontal Integration is paramount, driven by Wisdom as a Service (WaaS)TM and solidified through Credibility, Empathy, and Logic. IGNITE! brands are also deeply rooted in sustainable, organic materials.

Our strategy:

IGNITE!’s philosophy is active and collaborative partnership with our portfolio companies. IGNITE! is acquiring and developing a collection of the most admired emerging brands whose competitive advantage is proprietary Horizontal Integration. Wisdom as a Service (WaaS)TM leverages a lifetime of business acumen to create an impressively balanced blend of Commerce and Art.

“We are drowning in information while starving for Wisdom.”

― E.O. Wilson

IGNITE!’s Service Galaxy

IGNITE! SERVICE Investment Strategy & Opportunity

“No man was ever wise by chance”

― Seneca

Our objective:

Build, leverage, and acquire advanced platforms of back-office service companies focused on People, Technology, Security Risk Assessment, Finance, Marketing, Inventory Management, & Legal Mitigation that are foundations of the entire IGNITE! Universe.

IGNITE! services are the delivery vehicle for our Responsible Investment Strategy, driven by Wisdom as a Service (WaaS)TM.

Our strategy:

IGNITE! will demonstrate that a platform of well-established systems, applied through Horizontal Integration, produces uncommon results. Wisdom as a Service (WaaS)TM combines extensive experience, cutting-edge systems & processes, and remarkable judgement to accelerate growth and scale for SMBs.

IGNITE!’s Manufacturing Galaxy

IGNITE! MANUFACTURING Investment Strategy & Opportunity

Our objective:

Acquire or leverage US based manufacturers that support sustainable apparel, leather goods, jewelry, home, beauty, and wellness products within the IGNITE! Brand Galaxy. Superior quality construction will resonate throughout.

IGNITE! Manufacturing Companies collaborate to maintain the high standards in sustainability and environmental responsibility. We serve our existing brands as well as brands currently outside the IGNITE! family of companies

Our strategy:

IGNITE! will manufacture for its brands first, narrow production lead times and accelerate the speed of its product to market. Sourcing will remain agile, but unwavering in manufacturing standards and materials quality to expand margins and improve cost per wear. Wisdom as a Service (WaaS)TM coupled with strong management teams makes proprietary Horizontal Integration a welcome reality.

“Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use.”

― Thomas J. Watson

IGNITE!’s Real Estate Galaxy

IGNITE! REAL ESTATE Investment Strategy & Opportunity

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.”

― David Starr Jordan

Our objective:

Acquire or participate with other opportunistic real estate investors in strategic, value driven investments stemming from inflationary pressure, higher interest rates, lower valuations, and elevated debt levels.

Advancements in AI and other technologies will continue to shape the future of real estate investing. Horizontal Integration across the IGNITE! Galaxies driven by Wisdom as a Service (WaaS)TM will help identify investments for partners and portfolio companies.

Our strategy:

IGNITE! will identify and capitalize on undermanaged, well-located assets that create compelling value-added real estate investments. These opportunities emerge from current principal focused liquidity issues, valuation changes due to unanticipated market changes, or volatility and dislocation. IGNITE! Real Estate intends to provide short term liquidity, financing and exit solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum.